Resolution of Traits 5.1

fictional objects wrap around the crystal structures of three human kinesin family members in complex with ADP
acrylic, watercolour, ink and pigment on inkjet print
180cm x 112cm
[PDB ID: 3B6U/3NWN/3B6V, Zhu,H., Shen,Y., Tempel, W., Landry, R., Arrowsmith, C.H., Edwards, A.A., Sundstrom, M., Weigelt, J., Bochkarev, A., Park, H. (2007) Motor Domain of Human Kinesin Family Member 3B in Complex with ADP; (2010) crystal structure of the human KIF9 motor domain in complex with ADP; (2007) motor domain of human kinesin family member 3C in complex with ADP]