Resolution of Traits
exhibition text by Estelle Hoy
L'ahah, Paris
25.01 - 28.03.20


We met and I heard electricity
The pulse of mumuration
Me, a groupie with coloured skin and slanted eyes,
You with smudged charcoal around yours
Standing in odd postures
Ugly women who seem beautiful
The decaying corpse of Marx
Miserable genius
Those beautiful clichés
I, the mortician preparing the dead
Anaemic girls playing snakes and ladders
With my heart
Making nothing out of something
How long with you cry for when I'm dead?
I’m trying to go south, you said. Taking the psychological angle.
My internal migratory compass awry, sea border on the horizon 
But you were digging down, through earth, tyres squealing
Down south, she’d find north,
Undulating starlings
Across skies